Custom Tee DIY

Well here I am. Seems like I’ve disappeared for quite a while, eh? Well keep on reading for this quick and easy DIY and a peek at what’s to come: After a very long absence, I’ve decided to continue posting, but on a monthly basis. Keep your eyes peeled for a post near the beginning of each month! This is a quick and easy tutorial for a cute, customized shirt. This literally takes half an hour of your time.

2012-12-31 00.49.40

 You’ll need: -I plain light coloured tee-shirt (mine is beige, but white, cream or grey would work equally well) -Fabric markers in your colour(s) of choice -A piece of cardboard long enough to reach from the shoulders of the shirt to its bottom and width of the shirt (this will stop the marker from bleeding through the fabric and give you a hard surface to write on) 1: Plan your shirt. Pick any saying, expression, or word. My shirt has two sides to it, one that says “they say artists are crazy” and the other “well this person is living proof that we are”. I found that typing out the words in their respective columns them helped me determine how to centre all letters. Ex:




2: Insert the cardboard into the shirt and smooth out the wrinkles. Try and line up the seams with the edges of the cardboard. If you want a reference point to help centre it, draw a mark on the cardboard above the centre of the collar. 2012-12-31 02.38.50 3: Start writing!! I just free-handed it, but I suppose you could use a stencil. To make the letters stand out more, I went over each of the lines twice.

The lines may bleed a little, but I think that they add more personality to the shirt! 4: If you chose to have a backside to the shirt, repeat on the back.

And here you have it!! Your very own custom tee-shirt. In your own handwriting! Fast, no?

Tip: Depending on your fabric markers you may have to heat set the ink. Follow the manufactures instructions and make sure to pick the right heat setting for the material of the shirt!

Just because every cute shirt needs some accessories! <3

Just because every cute shirt needs some accessories! ❤




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