DIY Painted Shirts

Now that summer is starting to wind down, we all want to make the most of tee-shirt weather while we can. Have an afternoon to spare?? In an hour or two you can paint your way to a custom and totally unique shirt.


You’ll need :

A plain white shirt (I like this one)

Acrylic paint

Fabric medium (available at most craft stores)

Sharpies or fabric markers

Paint brushes, pencils, cardboard and a palette


1) Begin by outline your design in pencil. If you aren’t very confident in your artistic ability, don’t worry because the paint will cover any small mistakes you make.

2) Mix the acrylic paint and fabric medium following the instructions on the label.

3) Start painting! I find that by outlining the outside of the object then filling it in with paint makes for a lot less mistakes.

4) Finish the shirt by outlining everything with the fabric markers. You now have your very own utterly unique shirt!




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